Gering Police Department

Gering Police Department

Welcome to the Gering Police Department

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1025 P Street

PO Box 687

Gering, Nebraska 69341

Hours: 6am-4:30pm

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: (308) 436-5088
Office: (308) 436-5089
Fax (308) 436-6898


Gering Police Department

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff
Administrative Staff

George Holthus

Jason Rogers


Administrative Secretary

Patrol Sergeants
James Jackson 707

Travis Enlow 714

Jordan McBride 718

Brian Eads 723 

Micah Schroeder 716

Student Resource Officers
Robert Gleim 706
High School, Northfield Elementary

Chris Burgman 715
Jr. High, Lincoln Elementary, Geil Elementary

Patrol Officers

Patrol Officers
Patrol Officers

Brennen Martinez 703

Riley Smith 704

David Brown 705

Steve Schneider 708

Kristen Massie 710

Adam Scanlan 712

Jon Starke 713

Justin Brunz 717

Report a Problem

Walkability/Code Enforcement Concerns

The City of Gering is committed to ensuring that our community is safe, accessible, and walkable, and we wish to thank the Tri-Cities Active Living Advisory Committee for their help in developing this reporting process which will assist us in achieving those goals. Whether the problems are walkability issues, code enforcement violations or criminal violations the City of Gering and the Police Department need our community members to assist us with identification of problem areas. Gering City staff members cannot solve problems they don’t know about. Your report, combined with reports from other citizens, will help identify areas that are especially problematic and deserving of attention.

Your patience is appreciated. The City of Gering’s goal is to communicate with property owners and reporting parties to build a solid foundation to solve community problems. The majority of property owners are responsible citizens who will readily fix a problem once it is called to their attention. However, some property owners may have extenuating circumstance that may delay problem resolution. In that case City of Gering staff members and property owners may need assistance to resolve the problem. In some cases City staff may be able to recommend or connect the property owner to resources in the community. For the property owners who fail to respond to a notice of violation they could receive a citation for a city ordinance violation. City staff will gather the necessary documentation of the violation as well as the City’s good-faith effort to contact and work with the property owner. This information could then be presented to the City prosecutor for consideration of charges.

Walkability Problem
The City of Gering is committed to helping solve walkability problems in the community because often times those same issues are also city ordinance violations. These violations can include:

  • Vegetation blocking sidewalks
  • Vehicles or objects blocking sidewalks
  • Broken sidewalks
  • Sidewalks with accumulations of snow, ice, gravel, dirt, etc.
  • Loose dogs that threaten passersby

Report a Walkability Problem

Code Enforcement, Zoning Violation or Quality of Life Issue
Additionally this form can be used to report to the City other code enforcement /zoning concerns. Examples may be:

  • Weeds or vegetation in excess of 8” in height
  • Trash or accumulation of excess materials on a property
  • Improperly stored or abandoned vehicle
  • Animals at large
  • Other quality of life issues

Report a Code Enforcement, Zoning Violation or Quality of Life Issue

Useful Information

Information, Forms, and Links

Information, Forms, and Links
Information, Forms, and Links

 ATV Permits

ATV permits can be purchased in person during office hours. ATV/UTVs must meet these requirements. Proof of valid license and insurance must be provided in person. There is a $25 dollar permit fee.

• Burn Permits

Burn permits can be printed off here and filled out. They must be turned in to the police office during business hours. Hard copies are also available at the office to fill out. These requirements must be met prior to approval. They are issued for a maximum of 10 days at a time. There is no fee.

• Handgun Permits

Handgun permits are issued to Gering residents only. Beginning on May 18, 2020 you may stop by the office and fill it out in person.  Or, you may print the application on line by using the link below.  Proof of valid and current license must be provided. Permits take up to 3 days to process and must be picked up in person at the police office. There is a $5 permit fee.  

Nebraska Firearms Purchase Permit Application

• Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accident reports can be picked up in person at the police office during business hours. There is a $2 fee per copy. Please click the link provided if you are also in need of the State Form.

• Traffic Safey Program

Those eligible can register for and attend a traffic safety program. You must register within ten working days after the receipt of the citation and complete the course within 45 days of the citation. For directions on how to enroll click this link.

• Vacation House Checks

Vacation house check requests can be printed off here and filled out. They must be turned in to the police office during business hours. Hard copies are also available at the office to fill out. There is no fee.

• Walkability/Code Enforcement Concerns