West Nebraska Engine Academy Registration

West Nebraska Engine Academy Registration

Attendee/Participant/Trainee: Deadline September 1st

WNEA accepts all types of registrations. The main objective of the academy is to create opportunities for firefighters to further develop their skills. Through Interagency cooperation a Incident Management Team is formed to support the needs of the firefighters on the ground. Qualified evaluators on all levels attend to support trainees during live fire operations. Over the course of the academy, the IMT develops an Incident Action Plan and briefs the entire organization every morning. This exercise is as close to a real large scale incident.  

WNEA is a successful training opportunity for any firefighter. As long as the fire department or sponsoring agency registers the attendee, any and all are welcome to attend. If an individual is registering to participate in a positions specific role (i.e. Engine Boss, Task Force Leader, Firing Boss), that individual must have a current NWCG Qualification Card (Red Card) and a Task Book opened. The academy has supported and has given the opportunity for many Nebraska firefighters to be evaluated and gain signatures in their task books.

We are always accepting qualified evaluators and individuals that wish to be a part of the Incident Management Team. The IMT is committed to creating the entire IAP over the course of 3 days. Working with other trainee’s and evaluators, individuals will serve in the position specific role supporting the operation on the ground. Beginning in July, the IMT works together remotely to determine the operational objectives for the academy. Commitment is minimal until the actual event. IMT meets Friday to begin the management process. If you are interested in serving on the Incident Management Team click on the link below or download the “Registration Form” and email it to firedept@gering.org

While the academy focuses a lot on wildland engines, WNEA offers many opportunities for firefighters to gain knowledge and skills. Firing Operations, Suppression, Aerial Suppression, Structure Triage, Water Handling, Heavy Equipment, and Felling is just a few areas firefighters will work together during the weekend. Not all registrants must be “Red carded”, however if you are attending to be evaluated in a specific position, you must have your qualification card and open task book. It is completely acceptable to attend without any qualifications. To register for as an attendee please use the following link or download the “Registration Form” and email it to firedept@gering.org.

Registration Form 

If you have any questions concerning registration please call Nathan Flowers at 308.436.2441 or email firedept@gering.org