The Gering Public Library, a department within the City of Gering, is a learning and exploration center for all residents of the community.

The Library serves the people of the community by providing educational, information, personal, social, and historical services and materials.  With the support of the Gering Library Board, the Library staff effectively delivers these services and materials in a fair and equitable manner for the benefit of its customers.


Gering's public library, the oldest in the North Platte Valley, had its beginning on December 6, 1895, when several women, at a meeting in the Fred Wolt home, formed the Gering Women's Literary Club, which founded the library and gave birth to the Gering Woman's Club.  Each of the members donated one or more books to the cause and once each year members of the club canvassed the city to collect donations of books for the library.

The library was housed in members' homes and they took turns serving as volunteer librarians.  Later, various businesses offered space in their establishments for the collection. It was housed in the Gering Irrigation District Office in 1920 when the library became a tax-supported public instution and the city took over its operation.  From there it was moved to the courhouse basement, then to the Swan Hotel basement and then to the Morton Andersen building.  In 1936, the library was relocated in the city building at 10th and O Street.

In 1962, a new library building was built in its present location, the corner of 11th and P Street.  There is a mosaic mural on the outside west wall, showing a covered wagon on the old Oregon Trail. The total cost for the building and equipment was approximately $82,000.  At the time the building was completed, there were 13,000 books in the library.  An addition to the original building was completed in 1980, adding 6,000 square feet of new space including a community room in the basement.  The collection, at 30,000, had more than doubled.  The children's section was moved upstairs, making room available for story time and other programs.

Today Gering Public Library offers wireless internet services and computers for use, along with online access to downloadable audio and e-books.  Besides story times, the library also offers other children's programing including a Lego Club as well as adult programing, which includes a book discussion group.  Libraries today house more than books, there is now a need for tech and social spaces, making libraries a community center for multiple activities.  Currently, the Library Board is working on a library building project.  The Gering Public Library is in need of more space for quiet study as well as for lively activities, along with designated areas for different groups, such as our teens.  The Library Board is currently working on a library building project to meet the needs of the community.

Library Staff
  • Diane Downer, Director
  • Christie Clarke, Youth Services Librarian
  • Tammie Gitschel, Technical Services Librarian
  • Sherry Preston, Public Services Librarian
  • Myra Dillman, Library Assistant II
  • Patty Rezac, Library Assistant I
  • Lexi Tallmon, Library Assistant I
Library Board of Directors
  • Tracy Henderson, President
  • Michelle Moore, Vice President
  • Stephen Kaminski
  • Jeff Kelley
  • Mary Robinson

Board meetings are on the 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 5 p.m. in the library.

Friends of the Library
  • Advocate for the library
  • Build membership
  • Promote and assist with library programs
  • Encourage donations
  • Raise funds for the library

Friends are enthusiastic supporters, whose mission is to help provide library services of the highest quality to our community.

The Friends group is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Friends Board of Directors
  • Lisa Walter, President
  • Kathi Yost, Vice President
  • Karen Carrizales, Secretary
  • Carol Enderle, Treasurer
  • Judy Sharp
  • Sandra Dyer
  • Liz Ossian

Monthly meetings are on the 2nd Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the library.

Library Foundation Board
  • Charles Lieske, President
  • William Peters, Vice President
  • Leann Sato, Secretary
  • Tom Swan, Treasurer
  • Penny Businga
  • David Nash
  • Sandra Reddish
  • Stephen Kaminski

Library Foundation Website
Library Foundation Mission

The Gering Public Library Foundation, Inc. is organized as a not for profit organization to develop enduring sources of capital for strategic projects and support through conceptual ideas and partnerships that enhance and advance literacy, lifelong learning and community activity.

Library Foundation Vision

Building a Destination for Generations