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Gering Public Library

Welcome to the Gering Public Library!

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Gering Public Library

1055 P Street
Gering, NE
Phone (308) 436-7433
Fax     (308) 436-6869 

Monday-Thursday9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday     10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday    10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday CLOSED       

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Library News
National Library Week falls on April 23-29 this year. The American Library Association chose "There's More to the Story" for this year's theme. What is the Gering Library's story? In 1895 a handful...more >>
We are lucky to live in a community with multiple libraries. Not only do Scottsbluff and Gering have public libraries, Lyman, Morrill, Mitchell, and Minatare do as well. Within Scottsbluff, I know of...more >>
Happy National Poetry Month! I believe that's the traditional greeting. I am highlighting some of the books from our poetry section this week. Ted Kooser is Nebraska's most famous poet. He served as...more >>
Our library has three boards that support the library in very different ways. The library board is appointed by the mayor, and each member can serve two three-year terms. They provide oversight of...more >>
Nothing puts a pit in my stomach like someone asking me to sign a card for a coworker. I hated writing in yearbooks. These days I am finding retirement cards are no better. A friend of mine has six...more >>
It's the general understanding in my family that my Great Grandpa Reg's schooling ended after second grade. When he was a child, his father needed him on the ranch, and as a result, working took...more >>
My son excitedly told me about a friend of his (I will call him Alex) who built a game website. He uses the site to host a couple of games he designed and some other games he found online. I know...more >>
I made a goal for myself in 2010 to read all of the Newbery Award books. The American Library Association (ALA) awards the Newbery Medal " to the author of the most distinguished contribution to...more >>
I discovered one of my favorite authors in the Omaha airport. No, I didn't see Alex Kava waiting for a plane in the terminal. A clerk at Hudson News and Gifts recommended "A Perfect Evil." "The...more >>
When I go on vacation, I like to visit libraries. It's interesting to see how different communities provide this service to their constituents. Knowing this, a friend loaned me a book called "The...more >>


Upcoming Events

December 4
      9:00am-7:00pm - Wrap Up
      Wrap your holiday presents
      with our supplies

December 6
      10:00am - Hats Storytime
      3:00pm - Lego Club (ages 8+)
      6:30pm - Adult Learners at the Library
                      (City Council Chambers)

December 7
      6:30pm - Anime Night for Adults

December 8
      3:00-6:00pm - Mingle & Jingle
             Holiday Open House

December 11
      9:00am-7:00pm - Wrap Up
      Wrap your holiday presents
      with our supplies

December 13
      10:00am - Gingerbread Storytime
      10:00am - Adult Learners at the Library
                     (City Council Chambers)
      3:00pm - Lego Club
      3:00pm - Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
      6:30pm - Adult Learners at the Library
                    (Northfield Haven)

December 14
      1:30pm - Food for Thought Book Discussion
      6:30-8:00pm - Chess Club

December 15
      6:00-8:00pm - Board Game Night

December 18
      9:00am-7:00pm - Wrap Up
      Wrap your holiday presents
      with our supplies
6:00pm - Tinker Tots

December 20
      10:00am - Jingle Bells Storytime
      3:00pm - Lego Club

December 25

December 27
      NO Storytime
      3:00pm - Lego Club