Mixed Up Book Titles

Mixed Up Book Titles

The Thesaurus is my favorite dictionary. I often use it to find the best word for what I am trying to say. What if authors didn't use the best words for the titles of their books? I took some classic book titles and made them more complicated. Can you figure them out? I added some author hints for some of them.

Children's book titles: 

  1. The Rodent and the Minibike
  2. Aged Tawny
  3. Ax
  4. Pedro Dish
  5. Trio of Small Porcines
  6. Diminutive Home on the Plains
  7. The One-Year-Old
  8. Small Scarlet Mounted Bonnet
  9. Tropical Forest Novel
  10. Diminutive Heir to the Throne
  11. A Period of Time With Winter Weather
  12. Hal and the Plum-Colored Wax Stick
  13. The Zephyr Through the Salix Trees
  14. A Textile With a Distinct Raised Texture
  15. A Hare Composed of Luxury Fabric
  16. The Mesh Belonging to the Largest City in North Carolina 

Classic book titles:  

  1. Left With the Breeze
  2. The Scuppernongs of Acrimony  
  3. Ensnare XXII
  4. A Shade of Amethyst
  5. The Nonfiction Journal of an Under-employed Indigenous Person
  6. A Century of Seclusion
  7. Aged Julius
  8. An Association for Amusement and Fortune by A. Beige
  9. You Homesteaders!
  10. A Triad of Mercenaries
  11. Creature Grange
  12. The Spherical Home
  13. The Temperature at Which Paper Burns
  14. Companions of the Band
  15. Sandbank
  16. Ego and Partisanship
  17. The Journey
  18. Butchershop V
  19. The Stowaway's Instructions to the Star System 

Popular books or books from 2022:  

  1. Attractive by D. "Iron and Carbon Alloy" 
  2. Location of the Serenading Cambarus
  3. Instruction in the Practical Application of the Components of the Periodic Table
  4. Archive of the Witching Hour
  5. Descendent of the Planet Venus by Cliff Johnson
  6. Faltering Penumbra by C. J. Carton
  7. Truth by C. Vacuum
  8. A Dark Colored Confection
  9. A Recent  Decade
  10. The Academy For Benevolent Parents

You can send your answers to my email: spreston@gering.library.org or drop them by for a chance to win a small prize. I won't penalize you for it, but I am interested to know how many you got without help. (I used the Thesaurus to make the mixed up titles, so it only seems fair that you would use it to solve them). Enjoy!