Historic Reconstructed Robidoux Trading Post

Historic Reconstructed Robidoux Trading Post

Press Release – For Immediate Release – April 20, 2023

Contacts:  Karla Niedan-Streeks, Director of Tourism – City of Gering – 308-436-6886

Barb Netherland – Chairman, Friends of Robidoux Trading Post – 308-631-8155

April 20, 2023

(GERING, NE) The historic reconstructed Robidoux Trading Post has been on a journey; beginning 30 years ago with its original reconstruction in Carter Canyon followed by its move in April of 2021 where the Post began a new phase of the journey in the Grasslands adjacent to Five Rocks Amphitheater.

Following inspections of the Post by a log structure expert/company and a structural engineer, it was determined the Robidoux Trading Post is structurally unsound and its closure is announced by City of Gering officials and the Friends of Robidoux Trading Post Committee. Wind, weather, the move from Carter Canyon and the original manner of construction of the Post have contributed to the weakening of its historic logs and compromised the structure beyond repair.  The Robidoux Trading Post site is closed to the public; the perimeter is fenced and signed as an “No Trespassing-Danger Keep Out”.

In its current condition, experts have deemed any restoration efforts or methods to structurally shore up the Post are not an option.  At the recommendation of the structural experts; the City of Gering and the Friends of Robidoux Trading Post have made the difficult decision to proceed in a timely manner to safely disassemble the Post, salvaging as many of the historic logs as possible.  The next phase of the journey of the Robidoux Trading Post is to yet be determined. 

Ultimately, the process will be to mark, disassemble and store the salvageable historic logs.  Next steps will be continued discussions and feasibility of development of a strategic plan for a capital fundraising campaign to generate the funds necessary for a second reconstruction of the Robidoux Trading Post. 

The vision would be for a structurally sound reconstruction on the existing footprint of the Post; allowing for additional improvements at the site that will expand the opportunities to tell the stories of the Robidoux Trading Post, increase patron comfort, education and appreciation of this historic attraction.

“While today’s news is disheartening to say the least, I think we can create a practical partnership between numerous entities who share a passion and continued commitment to the Robidoux story.  Rebuilding something stronger and better that will contribute to our community, preserve our history, and educate our children and the visiting and traveling public is our goal”, stated Barb Netherland, Chairman of the Friends of Robidoux Trading Post.

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